Call for Artists!

Hey everyone! We made a sweet little game this week-end - it’s a two-player Museum game, in which you view art, play cards that represent how you feel or try to think like your friend. At first we used classic paintings like the Joconde or The Scream, but then we asked if artists on twitter would be interested in putting their art in our lovely museum. We put in about 100 paintings so far, and it’s really made the game an amazing little gallery of beautiful art.

Now that the game jam we were making this in is over, we are in the process of fixing a few bugs here and there, and that gives me a bit of time to add WAY MORE ART PIECES! Which means…

Would you like to contribute art for our virtual museum?

Here’s how! Send us a link to your tumblr, and we will pick the best pieces in there to put on the museum’s walls. We usually pick up to four pieces that are added to the list, and every time you play we randomly pick 6 pieces from that list!

If you’re interested, send me a tweet on Twitter at Dom2d, an e-mail at dom2d at or a message here on Tumblr! 

Note: we will never sell this game or make money out of advertising with it! It’ll be available to download for free in the coming weeks!

Hope you guys help us make our museum the best museum of all time! :)

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