Dom2D’s Top 20 Favorite Games of 2013!

What a fantastic year for games!!!

It’s the year local multiplayer games have made a comeback, with TowerFall and Samurai Gunn taking the top spots. Having also played lots of Hokra, Tennnes and BaraBariBall, all yet to be officially released, I can say that couch multiplayer games are here to stay in 2014.

It’s the year Nintendo made a comeback in my heart, with three amazingly polished games that I just couldn’t put down.

It’s the year indie games were just so creative, inventive, and fresh, focussing on gameplay over everything else.

It’s the year I put Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 in my list, because I enjoy it a lot, almost without shame.

It’s also the year I played way too much Spelunky, but that technically didn’t come out in 2013, and anyway it won last year.

  1. TowerFall
  2. Samurai Gunn
  3. Fire Emblem Awakening
  4. Zelda Link Between Worlds
  5. Rogue Legacy
  6. ibb and obb
  7. Animal Crossing
  8. Year Walk
  9. Papers, Please
  10. Brothers
  11. Knightmare Tower
  12. Don’t Starve
  13. Guacamelee!
  14. Ridiculous Fishing
  15. Monaco
  16. Card Hunter
  17. Boson X
  18. Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2
  19. Toto Temple
  20. Steamworld: Dig
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