made a game in 72 hours this week-end, with my new programmer friend Fernando Serboncini! Ryan Roth helped us too, by providing us amazing sound effects. As part of the Ludum Dare 27 jam, We made Every 10 seconds a window washer falls to his death .


(Note: It takes a little while to load!)


Based on an article on the Onion of the same name exaggerating the rate at which window washers die, our game sends you, with a jetpack, to save these poor cleaners from a horrible death. 

Fly around with WASD or the Arrow keys. 

How to Play: 
Heal ropes by flying over them, kick birds and save falling cleaners! 

In Hardcore mode, the game is over at first death. 
In Chaos mode, a death meter fills up with each dude splashed on the ground - don’t let it fill up completely and try to clean 100% of the building! 

- You can bounce off the edges of the screen, left, right, bottom and top. Use this technique to keep your momentum when switching directions! 
- Some low-flying birds aren’t a menace, don’t waste time kicking them… unless you really just want to kick ALL THE BIRDS! 
- You can heal two ropes at a time if you position yourself right in between the two!

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