If you guys love games, you should help make LA GAME SPACE possible by giving whatever you can give on their Kickstarter page. It’s basically a whole building dedicated to game research, study, exhibits, conferences, residencies and events, and a lot of good will come out of it. All conferences and talks will be online for all to see, so it’s not only for L.A. residents! 

Now, I know not everyone will be interested in this idea, but here’s where everyone should be interested in backing their Kickstarter - if you donate 15$, you get over 30 new games from experienced, awesome developers, 6 indie classics (Aquaria, Off-Road Velociraptor Safari, The Basement Collection, Noitu Love 2 and Super Crate Box Xmas edition) and a brand new game by Katamari Damacy’s creator, Keita Takahashi! That’s an insane amount of games for a very low price. If you feel like giving more and helping out more, you can get to higher tiers and get t-shirts, posters, prints, pixel portraits and other stuff. 

In short, please visit LA GAME SPACE on Kickstarter and consider giving a little bit to help out games become even better - everyone will benefit from this!

Oh also, I’m giving away THREE PRINTS of this poster design on Twitter right now! Follow me on Twitter @Dom2D and retweet one of my LA GAME SPACE tweets marked with #gamespace2D and you might win one of the beautiful prints!

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    Dudes and dudettes, This is an awesome project. Maybe look into it??
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    I did it. Y’all should do it. Because video games are amazing.
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    I donated $15 and got 36 games. That’s exactly $0.4167 per game. (Oh, and if you count The Basement Collection as 9...
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